2020 tokyo olympics

How Tokyo Olympics will cope if earthquake strikes

By Richard Carter and Miwa Suzuki

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Better hope that it does not happen !

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Tokyo ain't gunna cope at all. You'll have thousands of people who have never experienced ANY kind of earthquake. It would be absolute chaos. Another reason not to go.

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Why were “bodies littering the stands” if the venue is safe? It’s more likely that people will survive the jolt in these newly built venues, but panic and run for the exits causing injuries at exits. Anyway better just hope it doesn’t happen.

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This are all assumptions. That's what people are talking about, assumptions if this happens or if that happens. If you listen to the haters you'll die from dozens of fictional scenarios! You can also watch a movie called 2012. That can happen too in the fantasy world of your imagination.

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What about the giant tsunami that comes and fills in all the subways and floods streets to the third floor or higher?

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Sorry, but it would be mass panic and there would be Nothing they could effectively do, as has been proven when disasters occurred in relatively normal times, with predominantly Japanese in the affected population, and less population dense centers. Schools telling kids to wait in school yards while a tsunami was coming, city councils panicking, rioting and assaults carried out in Korea-town in Kobe, etc. I mean, it's Something they need to think about and prepare as best as possible, but no one can ever suggest they are truly ready... not with quakes.

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