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2020 tokyo olympics

Mobile mosque to help Muslims pray at Tokyo Olympics

By Jack Tarrant

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I am not now, nor will I ever be Muslim. But I have to give props to a gentleman I saw in Yokohama station who was praying on the train platform in front of everyone.

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Good for Japan.

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This will hopefully be a good solution for those who'll be coming to Japan and wanting to pray in peace.

And if anyone has an issue with accommodating to those of the Islam faith. Ask yourself this. Do these trucks harm you in anyway? Because I am 100% sure that they won't hurt you in anyway.

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Wow this is great. I think muslims will be extremely privileged in this Olympics. Allah wekbur :)

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Good for Japan, forward looking as always.

Had this been proposed in my country the local folk would have expressed outrage.

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Will other faiths be given the same private accommodations?

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well done japan for not riding the islamaphobia bandwagon.

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As long as no taxpayer money is involved here, no problem.

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Can any other country boast the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of Nihon hospitality? I think not.

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Great to see a positive story amidst all the misery of late.

Let not the evil virus of hate spread to Japan.

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Wrong book.

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Cool Japan.

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I am not now, nor will I ever be Muslim. But I have to give props to a gentleman I saw in Yokohama station who was praying on the train platform in front of everyone.

So what are saying when dozens of people block the train platform for everyone else when prayer time arrives? Google for the blocked streets in France, which have become a weekly occurrance.

Fact is, it is possible for any religionist to pray quietly without bothering others or demanding special accomodations. If the will is there.

9 ( +13 / -4 )

I sincerely hope Muslims are encouraged by this and see fit to reciprocate by showing a tolerant spirit toward believers of other faiths who visit their countries.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

fair enough.

as long as they don’t blast their prayer calls by 5:30am, multiple times a day..

6 ( +7 / -1 )

In the spirit of fairness, we need to launch a spaghetti kitchen truck for all the faithful Pastafarians. It should also be respectful of Dress Like a Pirate Fridays.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

The Muslim community in Japan number about 100,000 with cities which have mosques including Tokyo. Halal foods are available.

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Can any other country boast the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of Nihon hospitality? I think not.

I don’t know about that, but it is worth remembering that Japan, like any decent society, has freedom of and from religion.

Hospitality is great, but it should be made clear how this mobile mosque is being funded. If this service is being offered for free by the provider or costs are covered by donations or admission fees, fine. If this service is being funded by the taxpayer, that is totally unacceptable, perhaps even unconstitutional ( any legal types here?).

Taxpayers should not be on the hook to pay for the religious opinions of others and that goes for any religion.

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Please click on the link to Yasu Project in the story.

Yea Jimizo, this is actually very valid point.

I will definitely consult with a lawyer I work with , this should definitely be investigated.

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If I remember correctly, on the airport (Haneda I think?) there is a room for prayer, for all religions. Not being a religious person myself, I thought this is a nice idea, and maybe a multifaith prayer truck would be more appropriate?

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yepp this yasu project is definitely siphoning public money to spread islam and muslim culture in Japan..

I strongly hope someone gets proper on this case.

Absolutely disgusting and exclusive of other cultures.

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@ WilliB - Of course I don't advocate that dozens of Muslim suddenly start praying on the platform at the station. And the gentleman I spoke about was not in anyone's way. I gave him props because, even though I don't agree with his religion, he was not embarrassed to pray in public. You should try it sometime.

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Why does religion come into it?

How come you have to promote one religion over another, why cant you just come n run jump sprint swim ride hurdle etc and leave religion out of it all. are you that simple? You need your imaginary freind to be with you? Can I howl at the moon , or pray to the sun and not be ridiculed, or how about have an opinion and not be deleted from here, without some narrow mindedness

Sorry but its the truth ! Simpletons !

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Have no issues with people practising their religion -- so long as it doesn't involve inciting "Death to" chants. Mobile Mosques sound like a nice idea, though they aren't really necessary, as one poster pointed out above. (We should let these people be, when they choose to practise their religion where they can - as they are doing no harm to anyone).

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