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2020 tokyo olympics

Too early to say whether virus threatens Olympics, WHO says


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I wonder which country will pull out first, if the virus keeps spreading. I'm betting Russia will first.

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The very fact that the WHO has mentioned the Tokyo Olympics in of itself is telling, I think.

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The only right decision is postponement.  Not with a few months, with a year and 2 months to September 2021.

Anybody has a question why that is not only, no problem but actually beneficial for nearly all parties, feel free to ask me

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It's too early to tell. To be honest, postponement would be ideal but since NBC has sole broadcasting rights and the US already has autumn sports broadcasting commitments that pushing it back would be an enormous monetary loss.

Also, not least of which, the Olympics themselves are ridiculously understaffed and underpaid. You literally could not have the planners work longer hours without them having to live in their offices (they're already basically not paid overtime) and there's not enough time or money to bring in hoards of new workers and train them in time. The money wasted by cancelling the olympics or by moving them back a few months (with no assurance the virus would be through by then, either) would without a doubt send Japan back into another recession. We're already headed there, it would compound it tenfold.

Couldn't really be moved to 2021 without cancelling/rescheduling the 2021 FINA World Championships in Fukuoka. Good luck with that, FINA is a hard scale to swing.

Unless there is a major uptick in cases outside of mainland China, the Olympics are staying put where they are. I would put just about all of my money on Chinese athletes and spectators being barred entry (on top of a tourist ban) with the tickets being re-sold domestically. They'll take a big hit, surely, but no one wants to see what type of economic chaos that cancelling with bring up. There's still a lot of time.

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