2020 tokyo olympics

Video review of decisions coming to Olympic table tennis


Video review will be used in table tennis at the Tokyo Olympics for players to challenge umpire decisions.

A combination of ball-tracking technology, similar to tennis, and review of slow-motion replays, as in top-level soccer, will be introduced at the Olympic Games and other major events this year, the International Table Tennis Federation said on Tuesday.

“We felt it was important to implement a new technology that will ensure a fair competition for all the athletes, empowering them to challenge any decision made by the umpire,” the governing body’s chief executive, Steve Dainton, said in a statement.

Players will use Table Tennis Review (TTR) to check if the ball touched the net or the table edge, struck a player’s body, or if a service was legal.

The system was tested in December at the world tour finals event in Zhengzhou, China. The technology was provided by Chinese firm RigourTech.

“We received very positive feedback from the players and we anticipate a major improvement in terms of the viewers’ experience,” Dainton said.

The ITTF aims to cut the time spent “between the player’s call to review and the final decision.”

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When you are on the wrong side of a video review, it can be an incredibly vexing experience. However, letting a sport play out without all these reviews was part of what made legendary moments. An example: the immaculate reception for the Steelers.

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JJ - I kinda agree.

The only problem these days though is all major sports are videoed and come under the scrutiny of the commentators and the millions of viewers.

If we can see it's out, we want it called out.

Either turn back the clock to basic 1960s analog quality coverage or just don't show sports on tv.

Neither are an option in this $trillion sports world, so tech rules.

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