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2020 tokyo olympics

World Athletics chief Coe says: 'We'll be in Tokyo'


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Sebastion Coe is in the pockets of Nike and one of the most hypocritical people i know and have ever worked with.

sebastion coe, all is life has defended vividly one cause : Sebastian Coe.

He was a great athlete, he is a small man.

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Presently, it looks as if the event should not go ahead, as the risks to humans and finance would be too significant. Meanwhile, I do not understand why the the Tokyo Olympic organisers would not want to delay a certain time when the vaccine is available. Despite the uncertainty, Sebastian Coe's daring endorsement is a morale booster for the event organisers.

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"We are planning to be in Tokyo. There are no contingencies."

He's as daft as the JOC. Of course, there needs to be contingency plans. What kind of idiot wouldn't at least prepare for the possibility of a chance of postponement in the face of the events unfolding around us, just in case?

These people are Grade A, 1st Class, Top Shelf, Prime Cut, High Grade morons. Even the idiot President of my country realizes that postponement is a distinct possibility.

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