'Clear risks' for stability in China's Pacific lending


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loan by printing fake money... Japan is a big fan of this game .

can someone remember me the debts of Japan?

if a normal citizen was printing fake money he will go to jail, but not public institution... very strange?!

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Loan sharking, with Chinese characteristics.

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China has repeatedly been accused of offering lucrative but unserviceable loans to gain leverage or snap up strategically vital assets like ports, airports, or electricity providers.

What China is doing may help it fall victim to the same trap that America fell into. When you create an over reliance on one thing, there won't be enough of it to go around. Reliance on Chinese money. When countries are unable to pay back yet you will still need to give and help in order to maintain your status. They are becoming the largest lenders in South East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and parts of Eastern Europe. Giving out all of this money will end up tying you up in those economies as much as it ties them to you.

This is why America continues to sink money in places it can no longer afford to

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Well its never a good sign when southeast Asia's only real democracy, Indonesia, is moving their capital from Jakarta to Borneo. The moving company Indonesia is using? China. Enough said.

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@Ricky Kaminski13 - yes, the article clearly suggests that, and only Time will tell. Though I wonder under what "Law" these Loans were taken out, and whether that Law has any jurisdiction within the Borrowing Countries ?

If these smaller nations have no interests within China, then I wonder if they can say "Thank you very much" and just not pay back the loans, the Chinese would then presumably have no recourse to reclaiming their monies if the Loans were under Chinese local laws.... so I guess, there's much more to understand to the Nature of these Loans.

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