'Game changer' e-moped batteries spread from Taiwan across Asia

By Amber WANG

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This is indeed a big and important shift.

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Love it. The newspaper and especially the Domino's scooters stink!

And don't get me started on the diesel soot spewing trucks idling along the roads.

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Yamaha and Hero Honda are either using or investing in this system also. =Great way to keep the air cleaner and get rid of the watered-down gas sidewalk sellers.

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Costs 10% more than using petroleum???? Someone is making a big profit here.

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Why aren’t businesses here using electric scooters?

In the summer, the window is left open for cooling and the stench from the 2 stroke engine enters the room and wakes me up!

Time for Japanese to copy their 3rd world cleaner cousins…

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Time for Japanese to copy their 3rd world cleaner cousins…

Taiwan is still much more polluted than Japan. Lots of old 2-stroke scooters, work trucks, buses, PM2.5 from factories or blown in from China.

But, Gogoro is a step in the right direction.

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Battery swapping- good innovation

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kurisupisu - exactly.

The lack of e-scooters/mopeds here is mystifying.

With no doubt the majority of trips being short and local, e-mopeds are a no-brainer.

Clean, quiet and requiring far less maintenance should see these everywhere. But No.

As car companies in Japan didn't take the rapid surge in e-cars seriously - until recently - in order to protect their sub-contract suppliers and systems - I suspect the same reason applies.

That and pressure from Oil Inc to "Hey let's not rush into things".

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Where I live, most people have been charging their ev scooters at home. Whatever works.

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Of course to be really beneficial has to be coupled with green power sources to charge the batteries.

Wonder why not covered by the article?

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