150 Japanese United Airlines flight attendants may lose jobs


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Give 'em the work visas for Christ sake. (That's if this company actually really cared about their workers.)

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@Speed, the work visa is not even the problem. The japanese workers has a life here in Japan. You expect them to move to US?

The best they can do is leave a package for them and arrange some kind of deal with the Japanese government to help these workers get back on their feet here in Japan.

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Well this is to be expected when travel is banned overseas. What did anyone expect?

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@Speed, give them visas to go work in the US, when United will be furloughing Americans...that will never happen. And there’s no shortage of language speakers that are legal to work in the US.

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@Hiro, they don’t actually have to move. Half the flight crews I know are commuters, and Tokyo to the west coast is a pretty easy commute. Most will have a shared crash pad that they use for a couple days a month.

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With global air traffic plunging it's no surprise that some people in the airline industry are going to lose their jobs. How does anyone expect UA to just move all flight attendants from a base they are closing in Japan to bases in the U.S.?

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There are plenty of jobs in hotels and restaurants where they can do the same type of work.

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No new work visas have been issued by the US for the past two years, per Trump directives. And no renewals either. The company has no leverage to do this and company sponsorship doesn't exist anymore.

Spouses, children and special visas for permanent residents who could not return due to covid are issued, but that's about it.

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Give 'em the work visas for Christ sake.

I feel sympathy for anyone loosing a job anywhere, having said that, how many work visas has Japan provided for the tens of thousands of workers laid off in overseas factories J-Inc companies operated and closed over the years. And as we all know the overseas labor is always the first to get the chop at J-Inc.

As hiro said, these Japanese CA staff here need a reasonable severance package more than a US work visa.

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