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1st large Chinese-made passenger jet takes its maiden flight


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Led Zeppelin but we will only know when time has passed.

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A sincerely congratulations to the Chinese civilian aviation industry. I hope everything goes well.

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If you have a significant issue with the aircraft, how confident are you dealing with state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China?

Same issue with China's rail project in Indonesia: heaven forbid there's a major design flaw accident, how much investigative transparency can we get from China

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nearly all of the orders are from chinese companies, China is going to fing it hard to sell its plains in Europe and the US when theyve been found to have infringed on the multiple technology patents. I personal wouldnt fly on any Chinese made planes until theyve done thousands of flight hrs and fatality free, time will tell.

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I wouldn't get into a car made in China, much less a plane.

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the chinese plane is using American Boeing Engines and Avionics, Its in fact a Boeing With fusselage made in China, since China is protectionist it was a great oportunity for Americans to sell plane parts instead of competing with Airbus and The Russians

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I wouldn't get into a car made in China, much less a plane.

You are now using cars that has parts made in China. Even Boeing make parts for its planes in China and Boeing planes are painted in China.

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Its an achievement we like it or not, even if the parts comes from US you still need a brain to assemble your copy, if its easy many countries has done it. We forget that Japan started with copying too. Its a smart move by China, why they should wait for the day that US government says you can't buy our planes unless you get us Kim Jong :)

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Looks just like a counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag.

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As a frequent flyer, I would never be a guinea pig on a Chinese made plane. I hope none of our dumb American or Japanese airlines will just go for cheap... but they are only risking our lives and that of their flight crews so who knows what route they choose.

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