2017 imported vehicle sales in Japan highest in 20 years


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By brand, Mercedes-Benz kept the top spot for the third straight year by selling 68,221 units, up 1.2 percent, securing a market share of 19.44 percent. BMW ranked second with 52,527 units, up 3.9 percent for a share of 14.96 percent, followed by Volkswagen with 49,040 units, up 3.8 percent for a share of 13.97 percent.

Among Japanese brands, Toyota sales rose 7.4 percent to 17,057 units while those of Nissan fell 16.5 percent to 15,211 units, according to the association.

JT, this article is poorly written. Do you really expect us to believe that MB sold 68,221 while Toyota sold only 17,057.

I'm guessing the figures for the foreign brands are annual both those for the Japanese brands are monthly. However that key fact is absent.

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Itt will take more economic boom to see Royce will be seen on Japanese streets.

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Those are Toyota cars made in other countries and imported into Japan; not Toyota cars made in Japan.

I agree that the article is poorly written; Kyodo could’ve made it clearer that the Japanese cars are imports.

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@BB - I think the figures for Toyota and other Japanese manufacturers are for vehicles made abroad and re-imported back to Japan, so maybe it excludes the domestic production which, as you rightly say, would be a lot larger. Cheers

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@Burning Bush

Japanese brands do import cars assembled overseas.

For example, the NSX is assembled exclusively in Ohio and imported into Japan.

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For example, the NSX is assembled exclusively in Ohio and imported into Japan. new Toyota Hilux is made in Thailand, sold in Japan also

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