40 Japanese smartphone app companies forge ahead in Vietnam


A joint enterprise of 40 Japanese smartphone app venture companies is forging ahead to Vietnam. As smartphones' popularity is increasing in Japan, the domestic market is suffering from a lack of software developers, according to the Nikkei Shimbun.

Vietnam, on the other hand, has plenty of IT workers since the Vietnamese government has been strengthening development in the IT sector -- which makes Vietnam the most ideal place for Japanese businesses to recruit developers. Also, by utilizing local developers, Japanese employers can reduce their employment cost by 10%.

i-enter Corp is the leading company of a joint enterprise called Smartphone Workshop. It is aiming to establish a subsidiary in Vietnam by October, the Nikkei said.

First, the company will hire 10 local IT engineers who can develop products designed by members of the workshop in Japan. It will also hire Japanese interpreters to manage their projects smoothly. Currently, the joint business is developing apps for Japanese only but eventually they want to expand the market throughout Asia.

Some of the major Vietnamese IT companies are preparing their developers for potential Japanese business partners by encouraging them to study Japanese.

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Seems a strange rationale. I've never heard of an "app shortage," apart from the ones for Blackberry and Windows. Aren't there already tons of "zombie apps" for Android and Apple, apps that are available but hardly ever downloaded?

Also, why don't they just localize successful foreign apps? Seems that would be cheaper, faster and more profitable.

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If any suitable App in Android is available why should they hire Vietnamese IT professionals ? I am sure Japanese are looking for other markets outside Japan.

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