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7-Eleven’s ‘Jump Heroes’ campaign offers Wii U consoles and free vacations

By Philip Kendall

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven certainly knows its way to customers’ hearts. The store’s current Jump Heroes campaign – a collaboration with Shonen Jump Comics – is giving customers the chance to bag some pretty impressive prizes, with things like games consoles, tablet computers and even free hotel accommodation up for grabs.

The campaign actually started running at the end of last month, but it’s only on Friday that it started generating a significant amount of buzz online on account of its prizes.

For every 700 yen spent at the store, customers are given the chance to draw a ticket from a raffle. As well as potentially instantly winning any of a number of smaller prizes (I myself walked out with a free can of coffee just yesterday), those who draw a special ticket are able to register it online for the chance to win big.

But the excitement doesn’t end there: those who like to gamble can hang on to their tickets in the hope of picking up more. By registering them in groups of two, three, five or seven, customers can enter themselves into a number of draws to win some seriously decent stuff.

-- For two tickets: A framed set of four Jump-themed Nanaco (7-Eleven’s pre-paid NFC) cards, with as many as 2,000 entrants being able to pick one up.

-- For three tickets: The chance to win one of 300 Nexus 7 32GB tablets, or a Nintendo Wii U consoles.

-- For five tickets: A set of limited edition J Stars Mega collectible figurines.

-- For seven tickets: Finally, up to 100 people can enjoy a free stay in one of four top hotels, with locations like snowy Sapporo and beef-tastic Kobe to choose from. It even comes with dinner included.

A few cynical netizens commented that 7-Eleven’s apparent generosity in giving away so many Wii U consoles was simply them helping Nintendo out by shifting some stock. Even if that’s true, we can’t help thinking that bagging a 30,000 yen console after spending a measly 2,100 yen over the course of a few days is nothing to be scoffed at.

The campaign runs until June 16, so get down there and start collecting your tickets!

Source: Jin

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The Wii U is not doing as well as expected so I'm sure shares are involved. Huge zelda fan btw

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Hmmm. Never liked games on Wii. Its the same graphics as 64 haha. I must admit I love the sports games!

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