All Nippon Airways (ANA) aircraft are parked at Haneda airport in Tokyo on Oct 23. Photo: REUTERS/Issei Kato

ANA expects record net loss of ¥510 bil in FY2020


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Never liked flying with ANA. Their service is crap. At least it was when I flew with them. I really liked JAL though. Hope they don't go under.

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I haven't flown with ANA and never will again following their distasteful advertising campaign towards white people and foreign passengers in general about ten years ago. I think the ads are still on YouTube.

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How come they don't get a government bailout like JAL did? Not connected enough?

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You should hope that none of the airlines go under - or your next complaint will be price gouging a year or two from now when you WANT to fly somewhere and only one airline or one Alliance can see justification in flying a route and charging up to a legal point what they want. There won't be many people here who remember the days of government controlled Y class fares..

Nothing wrong with JAL...just always too warm on board, ANA's new Business and First was stellar though, managed it a few times from when it launched in 2019 until Covid hit. Way beyond anything JAL had on offer at that point.

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How come they don't get a government bailout like JAL did? Not connected enough?

Cronies, cronies with the LDP! JAL is the national airliner, while ANA isn't.

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I never fly ANA, once was enough and highly overpriced. One would think that their prices would drop but no instead they remained or went up. JAL it is...

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Once may have been enough for you, but their average loads in 2019 were anywhere between 80-90% - and JAL pretty much the same. With loads like that absolutely no reason to offer cheaper fares. It IS a business, after all.

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price gouging was already happening with or without airlines going Under so if some of them to go on there I’m not gonna worry about it

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If Ana goes under I will not miss them

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Good news.

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 take out 400 billion yen

How does that work? The bank will just give them loans without any guarantees of paying them back? With most failed businesses, they cannot just go to the bank for $4 billion dollars.

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It's odd to have a story like this with no mention of labor costs, but that's the Japanese media for you. Furloughs and layoffs would massively mitigate ANA's financial woes. Instead, all employees - everyone - gets a paycut, regardless of their utility.

Mind you, the Japanese govt needs to establish a proper social safety net as found in western countries, so the affected employees can still live decently and maybe even retrain to enter other professions. This rigidity is what is killing ANA.

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Any new news about ANA ???

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