Abe aide says it would inappropriate to reappoint BOJ Gov Kuroda


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NIKKEI BUBBLE, BUBBLE! Feed on it guys. Stock bubble with an old aging population and record high debts well done. Indeed unconventional. It sure will outdo the burst in 1990 when the economy was strong and population much younger and debt level much lower. Kuroda well done!!!

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NIKKEI BUBBLE, BUBBLE!  probably, bit like those sub-primes auto and home loans in the US that are slowly building steam again. repackaged and sold under a different name. another GFC all over again

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They had to monetize the debt - it was the only way out of the hole they were in. There will be negative consequences, but default would have been worse.

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I read Honda’s book about Abenomics.

Man is a nutter, IMO. Will sell more yen if he were appointed BOJ head.

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