Analysts expect Tokyo stock market to keep rising in 2018


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re: "The dollar is forecast to trade between 95 yen and 120 yen in 2018, compared with around 113 yen in late December, analysts said" and  "complicated by potential political uncertainty in the United States and the effects of the push for tighter monetary policy by the U.S. Federal Reserve."

hmmm clearly a sign that exchange manipulation is fully and openly occurring by banking industry. All the other reality signs are showing otherwise and healthy economies in both countries..

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dollar-yen has largely been in a range of 112 to 114 throughout the year. Exchange rate is less of a factor nowadays, and rather the story is the strong profitability of Japanese firms under Abenonomics

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The Nikkei doesn't move independently, it's all linked to the US market. Trump uncertainty will start kicking in and God only knows what will happen if there's war.

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I'm a but cautious about the BOJ's optimistic '18 prospects. The government debt per GDP (for both the US and Japan) is approaching unmanageable levels without implementing significant cuts and tax increases to account for these deficits. Neither options of which in this current political climate are palatable for a multitude of reasons (e.g. security concerns, appeasement of base supporters. a bereft of executive leadership, etc.).

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The government debt per GDP (for both the US and Japan) is approaching unmanageable levels

Why is it "unmanageable"?

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These analysts get paid to say the market will go up as it generates more commissions. A military exchange with NK will wipe out alot of market cap in 2018 if it happens.

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