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BOJ expands loan program for small firms by ¥30 trillion

By Behrouz Mehri

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The central bank aims to keep the inflation rate at around two percent but did not take any monetary policy action at Friday's exceptional meeting.

The BOJ has failed for many years to do this.

Government policy doesn’t allow inflation to occur.

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For those unaware, MMT = Mickey Mouse Theory

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just give 5000 trillion to each citizen and fire all those useless politics

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"How much money do they actually have ? 50 trillion? 500 trillion? 5000 trillion? I’d love to know. They keep just adding extra tens of trillions like it ain’t no thing. Maybe next time they’ll say, ‘ Here’s 50 more trillion, but that’s the last you’re getting because we only have 8 trillion left after that ‘"

1) Japan controls its own curency;

2) Japan is indebted to itself;

3) Japan holds massive reserves, domestic & external;

4) Japan is owed money by the World at large'

5) Japan can print more of its own currency whenever they feel fit .

6) Someone above has already mentioned it:


Not many countries can do it; Japan certainly can.

And they're doing it, as you can see.

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it's just another public wealth transfer to private companies without people benefiting. If you have a strong enough safety net, companies should be allowed to fail, and people live on the insurance they paid into. Then they can remake their businesses to meet the market. This will just continue companies that cannot change or pay their employees

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They have as much as they decide they have. It’s called MMT.


You want them to change the policy they’ve had in place for the last 20-30 years? Why would they stop now?

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from another article also posted today ... """Japanese firms have often been criticized for hoarding huge levels of cash while refraining from boosting wages and capital expenditure."""

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Pls becareful, some Japanese small companies are already not making good business due to incompetent employees. If the gov*t give these incompetent companies loans, it will not help nobody and will kill hard working companies that really needs help. Pls check a minimum of 3 years sales and reported tax profits.

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The overwhelming majority of Japanese will only feel the backblast from this monetary policy bazooka

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You can not give back loans when you have not been working for one months or more, because the money will be necessary just for restarting, paying off the debt you have accumulated.

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The ramifications of this virus will go on for ages, Japan and the UK governments have given, lent small businesses loads of cash to help them survive, which is good, but its going to be a long time before either government gets that cash back, some companies might not survive at all. I know of several companies near me that have filled for bankruptcy, I think it will make companies more streamlined, some have already here near me that have just laid off 3000 workers and more world wide, the company have been accused of using the C19 virus as a legitimate way to sack/dismiss employees.

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