BOJ policymaker Sakurai sets high bar for additional easing

By Leika Kihara

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"... if overseas risks triggered a financial crisis."

But not Japanese risks? Japan's 1992 financial meltdown, caused entirely by domestic factors, was the worst of them all.

"Japan may slip back into deflation if the overseas slowdown lasts longer than expected..."

The major contributor to low inflation is here at home: Japanese employers' stinginess when it comes to wages. This is the land of rock-bottom salaries. 

Gaikoku = danger. Is this mindset imprinted on the Japanese DNA?

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Additional stimulus?  What exactly?  The BoJ owns a hige chunk of Japanese assets already.

Maybe send every Japanese taxpayer a cheque for 500,000 yen would work.......

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So pitifully shortsighted and ineffective are modern day Japanese bureaucrats...

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“If there’s a crisis that could disrupt Japan’s financial system ... a bold policy response is necessary,” Sakurai said in a speech to business leaders in Kobe, western Japan.

As if its not "disrupted" already?!?! Where else in any of the G-8 countries can banks borrow money a MINUS interest?

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Are banks borrowing money?  I think they all have way too much liquidity and are leaving excess on deposit with the Central Bank.  In fact plenty of G8 countries where money left with the Central Bank costs banks money.

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