Boeing: 777s with engine that blew apart should be grounded


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This particular plane was the 5th B777 to come off the production line, in 1995.

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No mention of grounding the Boeing 747-400s despite a P&W engine on one of those also shedding parts over the Netherlands on the same day as the B7777.

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Appears that Boeing a learned something from prior mistakes.

Good call, even though nobody was hurt.

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Nerdy discussions about this:

A few comments by people who work at P&W. Everyone there agrees this isn't a Being issue. Rather, it is a P&W failure. No matter what any jet engine does, fan blades or explosions should never exit the protective cowling. Never.

All the plane are over 15 yr old.

Customers select which engines to use. Most use GE engines. These P&W engines are the least efficient today in those aircraft.

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How so, Tara? Their product is the Triple 7. And after three failures of the PW engine in a short time, they want to protect their product and have the engine problems investigated.

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Pratt + Whitney are a subsidiary of Raytheon, I believe. This is not really a Boeing problem, but they have acted swiftly and properly. (Yet to hear about what they do concerning the other engine failure on Saturday that Hello Kitty 321 mentions above, which hit some people on the ground.)

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Boeing is a bad example of business ethics.

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