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Companies looking to cash in on new era name


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Companies looking to cash in on new era name

Cant blame them, if you are in business and you want to make money, you typically are always on the look out for new ways to make it.

I am just waiting for the explosion in new companies that actually use the name, just like in the beginning of Hesei.

We are going to see Reiwa Construction, Reiwa Housing, Reiwa Real Estate, Reiwa Enterprises, etc etc etc,

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So, all it is about is making money?

How depressing!

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So, all it is about is making money?

No, not all of it.

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Protest !

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Patent claim: 令 for girls name.

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I just read that already there have been fraud calls to old people telling them their cash cards can't be used now that it is the "Reiwa" period and to give their details to these fraudsters. Man these people are low! I don't care if legitimate companies profit, but come on fraudsters!

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How dare companies try and increase business and make money!

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The free Reiwa newspapers given out in Tokyo yesterday are selling for over ¥1600 on the internet.

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kurisupisuToday  07:07 am JST

So, all it is about is making money?

How depressing!

Yes, how depressing it is that companies which employ large numbers of people actually make money so that their employees have jobs.

Seriously, I'm so tired of hearing people constantly demonize the making of money as automatically evil.

Yes, greed is evil, but not all money-making is greed. In fact, most of it isn't.

Yes, people and companies make money in ways connected with the events of the day. So what? Isn't it a good thing?

If a company that employs your family members, friends, and neighbors makes money so that they can continue to be employed, what's so bleeping wrong with that???

It's almost as if certain folks hate it when companies and their employees prosper. It's almost as if they actually want people to live in a state of poverty.

That, to me, is what's really depressing.

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Now those Coca-cola bottles are selling for a pretty penny on Yahoo. Enough to fly round-trip to Tokyo from Osaka with a hotel stay. Man, I wish I knew ahead of time.

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so ridiculous...... who still has their "Showa" sake cups in the cabinet haha. rush out for the fad then never use or think of it again. at least the companies are cashing in on the zombies..

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Those Coca Cola bottles look like they're from China.

That's what I thought too.  The girls also look like Chinese.

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The coke bottles and labelling appear to be plastic - I think no value in those for resale.

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tinawatanabe: "That's what I thought too. The girls also look like Chinese."

That's because you cannot tell the difference, and we also know that you like to call things you suspect or don't like for some reason Chinese or Korean. If the Coke bottles look Chinese, it's because they have Chinese characters on them (remember, tina, kanji comes from China and "Kan" literally means "Chinese"), however there is nothing at all that makes these women look any more one nationality than another. I know people like you think you can spot differences -- you cannot, and that has been proven time and again.

My only question is if the bottles infringe on copyright in any way, but I'm guessing Coca-Cola Japan has the right to do this.

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