Coronavirus-linked bankruptcies hit monthly record in February


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I am sure that struggling businesses are frustrated by the government's slow and continued delays in the rollout of vaccination for the general population.

As well as being frustrated and confused by the mixed messages of "Go To" and "STAY HOME" while officials attend lavish parties with cronies and schedule international sports events in empty stadiums.

This continuing behaviour in the aftermath of government's handling of the TEPCO Fukushima disaster can only foster additional resentment and distrust.

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It is government stupidity and not the virus that has caused bankruptcies...

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I am most concerned about the failures of fashion brands. Japan and other Asian countries produce the most fashionable clothes. Currently, it is not profitable to buy clothes from Western brands that are boring and not very original

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I agree with kurisupisu. Totally dead on the nails head. These BK's need to be forgiven and then also inturn should get an interest free loan to start the business back up or another. And you know who should pay for it? China. An organization need to be formed where China dumps a cut of there total economy over the next ten years. And ever person that lost a loved one. Every person that lost a business, a pet. Any damage that can be linked to Corona should fully compensated. As far as government? They should be stepping in throwing money at these business and keeping them afloat.

China need to be held accountable.

It came from China. The how or the why doesn't matter.

Its the Chinese Virus and the world demands compensation and justice!

And ya I am bitter. I have lost people.

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