Delivery Hero seeks to challenge Uber Eats in Japan


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Just remember the German one is the one without the word Uber in it.

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Good on them! Hopefully this brings some more competition in this market because I’ve noticed that the Uber eats prices have been increasing especially in the last 2 months !

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Can they all be forced to follow the rules of the road. I nearly removed an Uber guys head when he crash into my puppachari with my daughter on the back cos he was ridding the wrong way down the road (illegal in Japan since 2013.

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Well, if they could service Hakodate, that would be nice. We don't even have regular Uber, let alone Uber Eats here.

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Uber Eats. Why? An exploitive construct based on an app profiting off piecework. A company based in Ireland to avoid paying taxes. Displaces other businesses and takes the profit out of the country while creating a class of low wage workers. And a German company? Which will challenge Uber? Why allow foreign companies into Japan? Uber a slew of venture capitalists, an unethical CEO and a bevy of lawsuits, as Uber destroys certain sectors of the economy and skirts licensing and labor laws that are in place to protect customers and workers.

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