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FSA to offer English assistance to foreign firms entering Japan


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Ha! It will take more than English assistance to attract businesses. For starters, you'll have to throw out the xenophobic attitudes. But with people like that aso at the helm, I don't think things will change anytime soon.

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change and upgrade the Japan criminal justice system

make sure banks and other financial businesses can offer an English App

better English bank website and more integrated with other financial businesses

eliminate the Hanko system

make sure the Japan government do not favour Japanese banks

make sure all financial institutions have an English website which is updated as the Japanese one

make much more government information and the interaction available online in English

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It's possible to have a Buisness in Japan, but frankly not really worth it. Had a few, never cracked the foreigner wall. Now in my wife's name with a box of stamps these are proceeding well. So frustrating untill you realise you are just not trusted and Buisness wise not welcome. Can't believe I pay tax to support an office that boasts of English help.

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Japan must have all their laws in English.

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