Faced with global downturn fears, Japan Inc avoids raising bonuses: poll

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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The greedy corporates make up these kinds of excuses every year. They cry that the outlook is "uncertain" thus cant give raises, and then later rake in record-high profits...but still refuse to give decent raises.

We kept summer bonuses unchanged from last year, since we could not expand sales due to labor shortages

I hope the person who said this realizes the absurd irony of that statement. Employers can fix worker shortages by offering higher pay. Then their sales expand, because workers have more money in their pockets to spend on such things as... their products or services. Duh!

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We kept summer bonuses unchanged from last year, since we could not expand sales due to labor shortages,

Sure Jan!!!

And the regime is STILL raising taxes in a few weeks SMDH!!!

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This Japanese company worker says "Whats a bonus?".

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No bonus, ok never in 20 years had one, but a pay rise now that would be good. Over 0.02% would be good. Over 2% would be betters so to nullify the tax rise that's coming. Politicians yearly get a pay rise yet my pay yearly shrinks and my taxes go up not sure who is working for who's benifit here certainly no one is working for my benifit.

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Three-fourths of Japanese companies aren’t raising annual bonuses this summer, a Reuters poll found

The article is grossly strange, most companies and the government pay bonuses in June and July.

Why does it sound as if bonuses are yet to be paid and it is not yet summer when autumn is around the corner.

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The article is ...old!

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Interesting. Let’s see the logic once the tax increase comes about. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Fat cat owners get richer.

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