The storefront of a joint FamilyMart/Don Quijote convenience store is pictured in Tachikawa, Tokyo, onFriday. Photo: REUTERS/Sam Nussey

FamilyMart opens shop with discount retailer Don Quijote

By Sam Nussey

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with falling customer numbers in the past two years amid competition from discount drugstores and labor shortages.

Convenience stores, are just that, convenient, but they sure as hell are not cheap! Not to mention that the labor shortages are of their own making!

Pay a person a livable wage and folks will come work for you. "You" created the problem, either fix it, or say good-bye to your business!

My son lives in Tokyo, recently a few FamiMarts in his area were looking for night-time shift employees, they were offering ¥2,000 per hour! (Guess what...according to my son, the jobs got filled in no time flat!)

If those FamiMarts can do it, others too!

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Convenience store operator FamilyMart Uny Holdings Co Ltd has stepped up cooperation with Japan’s largest discounter, Don Quijote Holdings Co Ltd, opening a joint store


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Don Quijote Asakusa , my 'Bulgari' supplier at 2 am :)

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