Fujifilm signs manufacturing contract with U.S. firm for COVID-19 vaccine

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Not surprising that Fujifilm got the rights since the VLP therapeutics CEO is Japanese and has done a lot of research work together with Japanese companies and institutes; its technology is very interesting, but it is focused on presenting antigens in the virus-like particles (proteins assembled like a virus, but without the viral genes that make replication inside the cell possible). The VLPs are directly recognized by the body as if they were a pathogen so a strong reaction against them is desirable.

On the other hand this vaccine candidate is based on delivering the genes to the cells, so they will produce the pathogen proteins and this stimulate the immune system in a more balanced way because it recognize viral proteins and genes similar to the natural infection.

The problem I see with this is that for the vaccine to work the VLP need to be left alone by the body until after they deliver the genes, so the opposite of what is usual. Another can be that there is no single approved replicon based vaccine for humans yet, and Japan regulation agencies are almost pathologically afraid to approve anything if no other country has done it before, it may be that by the time this is approved the pandemic is already over or other effective and safe vaccine options leave it without a market.

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