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Fujitsu to halve office space in three years as it changes work style


Fujitsu Ltd said on Monday it would halve its office space in three years as it rewrites the way employees work under a "new normal" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The IT solutions company said its roughly 80,000 group employees in Japan would work flexible hours, and work-from-home would be standard wherever possible.

"We will overhaul our current work, allowance and welfare framework that is based on the assumption that employees commute to designated offices every day," Hiroki Hiramatsu, head of the human resources unit, told a news briefing.

Fujitsu has sold or ditched money-losing hardware businesses such as laptops and smartphones in recent years to focus on software services, a business relatively easy to conduct remotely.

While reducing office space, the company plans to launch satellite offices in areas where many employees reside and sign up with more shared workspace providers, Hiramatsu said.

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The headline is wrong. Actually they will allow many/most workers to permanently work from home. This is the real news unless you are a real estate agent.

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They need 3 years so they can train or find workers outsider Japan that can work in Japanese then the remote work can be done by cheaper overseas workers no pension, no healthcare, etc... If people think this is speculation all they have to do is look at what has happened in IT once companies in higher paying developed countries had the structure in place to work remotely. They shut down most local server admin, desktop support, development, etc.. and shipped the jobs to cheaper outsourcing in other countries. Japan was less hit because of language but the has changed with more and more companies setting up multi language support centers in China and India.

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Better late than never I guess. Never heard a good thing about this company.

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Good stuff. The dreaded lurgy’s silver lining.

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Great thinking. Commuting, working in offices with high overheads should not be the way forward in the 21st century. It's time to think Green and to progress with it

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So now you provide the office space at your expense and their considerable saving, in your crowded home environment and you can not get away from work.

Can’t see any problems with that.

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If half of those 80,000 work remotely, the company would save about 15 billion yen per year in worker transportation allowances.

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If half of those 80,000 work remotely, the company would save about 15 billion yen per year in worker transportation allowances.

No. The companies are reimbursed through the tax system.

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