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GM to slash jobs and production in Canada, U.S., drawing Trump's ire

By Joseph White and Nick Carey

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Ok, whose fault will it be this time ? Japan ? Europe ? Democrats ? NFL players ? CNN ?

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One of the worst managed companies and greediest unions to ever exist

The management and unions form a symbiotic relationship of dysfunction that will lead GM to collapse once again.

They still haven't learned their lesson and still design and produce junk. It is no wonder they are being trounced by Japanese and Korean automakers.

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The Volt and Bolt didn't sell? Call me shocked. OTOH, I've never seen and ads for a Volt or a Bolt.

The Volt and E-Golf had huge sales drops recently.

But it appears that Americans prefer to buy larger, taller, vehicles, so GM's sedan lines are taking a sales hit.

Just like in Japan, the manufacturer has to make products that the customer wants.

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It'be hard for Trump to criticize Japan for not buying US cars when all they make are behemoths totally unsuited to Japanese roads and parking - and with steering on the left to boot.

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Sure am glad the US economy is doing as well as Trump says it is! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Chevy workers!

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Ok, whose fault will it be this time ? Japan ? Europe ? Democrats ? NFL players ? CNN ?

Its the fault of GM making xars nobody wants. Ford is doing better. The Ranger is very popular in Aus and i think does ok in SEA

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If you remove all the politics from this. It only makes sense GM make this move.

Yes, this hurts. -GM's North American salaried workforce, including engineers and executives, will shrink by 15 percent, or about 8,000 jobs. The company said it will cut executive ranks by 25 per cent to “streamline decision making."

The jobs will come back at some point. Sounds like GM has had an epiphany and is shifting to make vehicles that consumers really want buy. A GM or Chevy Truck is better than any Ford or Dodge in so many ways. The Ford trucks with the loop tech stamped aluminum body is very cool. But that Eco Boost engine. Ugh. Lame.

In Japan Cadillac does so well. We have 9 deliveries this month. And you can get it right hand or left-hand drive. The park sense works in the tightest of coin parking areas in Japan. Love all you so called experts. Who state American cars do not preform well or are not practical in Japan. It depends on where you live.

Think about it. If the JFD can get big trucks down the smallest of roads. Well then? We have H-1's and H-2's and H-3's driving all over the place here in Fukuoka. Have two H-2's in right now in for shaken.

One is a Rock Bode Version and its sweet!

But back on topic.- GM also is ramping up hiring at its GM Cruise autonomous vehicle unit, pushing to overcome technical challenges and make good on a plan to launch a robo-taxi service next year.

I am not sure if this is the best idea. GM should spend money making an iconic vehicle like the Hummer mini or an H-4 hybrid thing. It must be a hybrid that looks good and can be easily driven anywhere in the world. I mean produce a real performance vehicle. Now when I say performance, I mean sales performance vehicle. Something very special. Get away from Star Craft and those vans no one can afford to drive anymore but the wealthy. The big body mids? Get away with a quickness. They are dying in all brands. GM please get lean, light, mean, as well green. Produce the S-10 lines again. But make them hybrid and attractive. The Ford Ranger is shinning example. They are everywhere in Asia. And as one commenter said doing great. Right you are sir. From the outback to downtown Manila the Ranger is everywhere. Why? Because it is what consumers want. Bet GM comes back hard with a better and stronger company in say like 5 to 7 years. I am not saying that because I love GM either. Becuase I am non partial. To bad folks are going to lose jobs. But that is the auto game. They knew it going in. The auto industry is changing folks. Big time. Tsunami gas crush coming. In twenty years we will all be driving EV or Hydrogen. Why? Its cheaper to make EV drives. In twenty years only the wealthy will be able to afford gasoline. I know call me crazy. But that it is how I see it. The talk will shift from. How fast does it go brugh? I will be like my Vanda Dendrobium can accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in a ridiculous 2.7 seconds and the top speed figure is above 320 km/h brugh. Break your neck.

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But second only to a house, from seventeen to ninety people need (want) a new car every ten years or less, they want fuel $2/litre or less, and they don't care if its dirty diesel.

What are poor car companies to ? Pretend they can make affordable large lithium batteries, or self driving cars that make traffic jams go away.

Let their workers go, their managers, even their Chairman.

We underestimated what this thin atmosphere can support, so now Car Companies have an ethical and economic issue to solve, and Tesla thinks the solution is Mars, I think China's One Baby Policy was the right approach, what do you think ?

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"Sales of the Honda Civic are down 11 percent through the first 10 months of 2018. But sales of the Chevrolet Cruze are off 22 percent."

This must mean that the Civic is a superior car compared to the Cruze. GM had better improve.

"Sure am glad the US economy is doing as well as Trump says it is! "

Overall, it is, mukashi. There are going to be areas where it's not so rosy. Didn't you know that?

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It's long been known that GM needs some slimming down

What Republican would be against a company becoming more efficient

Trump himself has had his fair share of firing his workers to save money for his real estate empire - back then it's not America First; it's always been Company First ("So don't tell others you yourself wouldn't do")

The company has said tariffs on imported steel, imposed earlier this year by the Trump administration, have cost it $1 billion.

The unintended effects of trade wars - loss of jobs

I think China's One Baby Policy was the right approach, what do you think ?

China's One Baby Policy has created: for every one baby that grows up to become a worker - each of those workers has to pay the social security taxes to support 4 pensioners (2 sets of grandparents)

And that's why China stopped it - they'll have too many pensioners, but not enough workers

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They either close them now or close them in a liquidation. The auto market is undergoing a radical change, and it is only just beginning. Every company is trying to guess how the market will shape up, but no one knows for certain. If some of the more radical visions I have read come to pass, then some if not all the big manufacturers could cease to exist or if they survive they will be much smaller or change radically away from auto manufacturing. In 20 years time I don’t think we would recognise the industrial landscape.

Yes it is tough on the workers, just as it was when railways took over from canals, or machine weaving from hand looms, ask the buggy whip makers what the impact of the car was. Change happens, it is how we manage the impact that will make the difference.

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What about all the products that the Trump family have made in foreign countries and sell in America (MAGA hats, for instance.)? Close those and bring the plants and jobs back to America. Why not close the Trump golf courses in places like Scotland and build more of them here in America (Donald would have many more places to play golf.)? Why not use Americans to work at Trump holdings, such as Mar-a-lago, instead of immigrants on special work Visas? Why should other businesses be expected to function, using different rules, than the First Royal Family of Trumps?

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For awhile from 2008 GM was known as Government Motors when Obama bailed them out.

Amazing how Ford didn't need a bailout.

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For awhile from 2008 GM was known as Government Motors when Obama bailed them out.

I'm not too good with dates, but wasn't it Bush that bailed them out?

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Cutting off labor force before the end of year so they don't have to pay bonuses, or better, these bonues will now go to CxOs' pockets. #TooBigToFail

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Trump’s irate because the policies he enacted resulted in what could only be expected from his policies. What a rube.

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For awhile from 2008 GM was known as Government Motors when Obama bailed them out.

Amazing how Ford didn't need a bailout.

That was Bush - Obama was elected in Nov 2008, but did not take office until Jan 2009

And it helped that Ford is a smaller, more nimble company - which is what GM is trying to become now. That's why it's strange that Trump is trying to stop them - does he want GM to eventually require another bailout, or does he want GM to become more like Ford

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GM isn't trying to do anything.

I have actually worked in their factories, including one major factory being shut down in Canada.

It is an unfixable mess. The employees are EXTREMELY entitled brats who will fight tooth and nail for more benefits, more salary, more more more, even when given the facts that operations are going to be stopped if concessions can't be made.

The management is just as bad.

It's a childish, foolish organization and I won't shed a tear when they go bankrupt again. They have not done anything to stop it. They should have completely changed management and done away with all the unions when they had the chance to do so. They've had 10 years and taxpayer money to do it.

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They should have completely changed management and done away with all the unions when they had the chance to do so.

Well, Trump is siding with the workers on this one because he needs their votes in the swing states of Michigan and Ohio

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A US president that doesn't read and has more bankruptcies than fingers on one hand is making business decisions for the country's economy. His acumen for business isn't the same when you can't con people.

Is anyone else not surprised by his failure? Luckily, President Obama saved the economy before Dump got into office because we would be in big trouble! Thank you, President Obama!

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