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Gov't estimates Jan 1 quake cut Japan growth by ¥115 bil


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Blame the bad Japanese economy of 2024 on an earthquake? Check your policies. Maybe that's a good place to upgrade.

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They all worry about the numbers. They don't worry about the suffering citizens.

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The question of what natural disasters, and wars, to do the economy is referred to as the "broken window fallacy". Like lots of things in the field of economics, the answer is "it depends", and not just on your opinion.


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But, present Kishida government virtually abandons Noto peninsula as financial ministry who dislike to spend taxes wants. far-rights including part of politicians repeated remarks or "post" as if volunteers are nuisance to suffering area since January 1st, more delay reconstruction with already slow.

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On the contrary. Natural disasters contribute long term to the economy. Private housing and factories get rebuild or repaired. Toyota has extra capacity elsewhere. New cars are bought, furniture. New infrastructure and elec/Water/ communication works. Retail in the area will indeed suffer for a while. But only for a short period.

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Still, private citizens, especially the elderly cannot afford to rebuild homes and those homes flattened and residents deceased by the quake are also problematic.

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