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Here today, ghosting tomorrow — workers just disappear


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Ok I can imagine a few oddball cases but if this stuff gains momentum it doesn't bode well for these peoples futures!

I remember the day I left one job & moved to another as one of the BEST days I ever had! I wasn't a jerk, I gave proper notice & didn't mess anything up by being a dickhead, I simply moved on to something new & BETTER, was a fabulous day!

These ghosting fools need to realize they are missing out

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I left a job after 5 years because the owner and management team bullied me relentlessly. I did call them and tell them I was done, that I was not the right person to fit their image. This was after over 5 years of ongoing harassment. Yes, I ghosted them and I'm not sorry for doing so. I was told I was retarded, lazy, made to feel ashamed for having arthritis. I have an excellent reputation in my field and I was treated like dirt. I owe this company nothing. I'm relieved I walked away. I should have acted sooner. I understand why people are ghosting employers. Employers seem to think we are wage slaves. Perhaps they need to rethink their attitude toward their employees. Respect and good manners go a long way to keeping your employees.

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This is news to me. I have, of course, heard of people being unhappy and quitting their jobs, but just disappearing? That is something new.

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I have a modern one: One day a transvestite submitted for a position in our bar. As an open minded business, we decided to hire her after a training period (like which wine goes well with what dish). She was happy and the day she was to start to a full house, she never appeared. She shunned us every way possible. Much later we learnt she said to other staff she was feeling shy. Then one night I saw her selling herself on the streets. Was shy for a bar, but not not for prostitution.

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Sometimes a private student will pull a ghosting on me.

Just saying it is culturally acceptable feels like a cop-out. I am left to guess what went wrong.

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Surprised to see support for some of the ghosting workers here. Look, I understand that there are bad bosses and bad jobs- many, many of them- but on a philosophical level it's just not a good thing to walk away when things get difficult or unpleasant, or leaving immediately for greener pastures as soon as it is physically possible. These are not the kind of people I'd want in my corner when things get tough. Perhaps the feeling is mutual- then so be it.

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Until now, I believed it is done only by irresponsible teenager part-timers. I have always been an employee but never have condoned ghosting around me.

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This is what 'safe spaces' and 'micro aggressions' are doing to society. Making people scared to deal with real life so the only choice they can see is to run away from it.

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While I am not one to support the idea of 'ghosting,' at the same time for employers to think that they deserve any form of loyalty from employees in modern society is pretty ridiculous.

I've had plenty of jobs where it was explicitly outlined, even during the first day of training, that you were nothing more than a replaceable cog in a machine. If you did a great job but the economy slowed down... tough luck, you'd be out on your backside. If the shareholders wanted a bigger quarterly dividend... out on your backside. If the boss doesn't like you... out on your backside.

Employers (and I'm going to couch this within the United States as this story is written from there) have lobbied and demanded so called 'right to work' laws in most states in the United States for the past 30 years. Of course, if you read the actual rights granted to both employees and employers from said laws, you quickly realize that the employees are being granted a penny, the companies a pound.

But now employees are using their penny. They're telling employers, who have used their right to work leverage for decades, to basically take the job and shove it. And why not? Loyalty is a two way street. If a company won't be loyal to their workers, why should workers be loyal to their company?

Now, there are good companies and good bosses out there. But there are far too many instances of workers being burned by companies and bosses they thought were good nowadays for many workers to be willing to take that risk any longer.

That being said, at least call in the day you're telling your boss you're done. Or send an e-mail, or a text. Don't just not show.

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Lied that he died? Living in a connected world certainly has made us communicate less.

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This is pretty common at “black” companies. My husband used to work for one where this happened regularly. People would agree to start the job and then just never show up, or they would call out sick one day and never come back. But it’s understandable considering the way some employers treat people trying to leave. I worked for two different companies where the boss would try to browbeat and bully people into staying when they handed in their letter of resignation. No idea why they thought that would work, but I think they were just so used to bullying employees that they didn’t know how to turn it off.

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