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Honda chief says decision to close UK plant not due to Brexit


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Sure, It's like when a coach comes out amd says 'i have the support of the board' and then gets sacked.


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“Access” to a crashing market of loser government supported industry is not worth forfeiture of your national identity

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Disruption of supply chain, and potential tariffs imposed on exports from the UK to the rest of the EU. Obviously it is Brexit-related even if there are other factors at play.

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Japan seem to be consolidating it's car production back to Japan. The industry is changing fast.

Perhaps many ordinary Japanese feel the same way as many British (and Americans for that matter) globalisation is in reverse.

I don't really think that Credit is a major factor in the decision.

And I don't think that Japan wants to share it's technology with anybody else.

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With the Free Trade Agreement between EU and Japan which will eliminate the EU car import tax form Japan should help Honda to keep cost down in EU after 2021 even the cars are made in and shipped from Japan. Unfortunately, i dont think this is the biggest problem for Honda in EU (and USA), that i will assume is the EV cars that will come very strongly from 2021 to the market. And so fare Honda is not in this game by far. In USA after Tesla Model 3 hit the market, Honda owners is one of the biggest group who are changing to Model 3 together with Prius owner.........

Hope to see some EV panic mod at Honda as well, as we saw from Toyota after the Model 3 booking was realest 2 years ago.

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The UK Political scene is a joke. There's a deal arranged onesidely on the table, and no alternative to be negotiated - accept or go "hard" exit. Yet they still continue to try to block one-sidedly the "hard" exit... it akin to locking the emergency exits on the Titanic as it sinks... typically British nonsensical logic.

A hard brexit may turn out to be a good thing for Britain as a whole. Though whereas once, the Community Spirit of pulling together and persevering during times of hardship existed, given the diversity of the current British dysfunctional cesspool, one has to wonder if such motivation exists anymore. Such Times of past have long since gone, and the future needs yet to be written, nothing at present can be foretold by anyone.

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