In shadow of Ghosn, Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi meet to hash out future


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 Tokyo court on Monday rejected Ghosn's request to attend Nissan's board meeting, denying him a seat at the table even as the carmaker looks set to bolster the alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors that Ghosn drove for over two decades.

But Saikawa wants to cut ties with Renault, even though he cant!

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What future? your stok price is tanking by the day, image is tarnished, people here in Japan slowly waking up to the reality of finally realizing Saikawa was behind this setup and the fake French CEO that shows up taking the new role, is no different to Tim Cook who would never be the true businessmind as Steve Jobs was and as Carlos Ghosn was to revitalize Nissan to a titan it is today and as Steve made Apple what it is today, both Nissan and Apple were bankrupt, Nissan more than once. Karma will soon come to you Saikawa.

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French gov is now playing lap dog to our gov and the dirty corrupt prosecutors here, corruption not democracy. Not to slap the hand that feeds you and the left over investments abroad before France, EU and UK head towards bankruptacy in the next few years. Reality is a pain, frenchie.

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He may no longer be the CEO, but still has shares. The government through their prosecutors will try to downplay his importance as will Nissan and the younger partener Mitsubishi. As usual the Japanese way is to shoot your self in the foot then claim some cultural miscommunication, then double down on stupidity and cry. What do you expect from a society that praises suicide. Dumb is what dumb does.

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Crikey that's funny but sadly true in a sense.

IF they put Carlos back to his original role again, you'll see the stock value skyrocket and Nissan could outpace Toyota and even GM give it a few more years, their trajectory on sales quadrupled each year under Carlos.

Only to tank under robot Saikawa and his French goons.

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Not to slap the hand that feeds you and the left over investments abroad before France, EU and UK head towards bankruptacy in thnext few years. Reality is a pain, frenchie.

There is no indication that France, EU and UK are heading towards bankruptcy. Reality is pain, Jappo.

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just a preliminary investigation, but soon Ghosn might not be welcomed in France

Apparently he is not suspected of crimes / frauds only in Japan, but everywhere he goes.

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funny to see 90% of comments here pro-Ghosn.

While the guy has most probably used the company's cash as if it was its own and diverted some extra millions in his pocket because he thought the millions he already had were not enough for him.

He's going to have a very difficult time trying to convince the judges of his innocence.

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He's going to have a very difficult time trying to convince the judges of his innocence.

Because the judges in Japan are told what to do by the government who are told by the companies. Welcome to a perverse system of justice. Only pinocioy could escape this system of quasi justice.

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I do not believe commenters on JT are pro Ghosn. And most of them recognise he might be guilty, ... or not. Most of the allegations against him are on the edge of the legality and only a fair trial can sort that out.

Bur there is definitely a pertinant questioning about the Japanese justice system and the way Nissan has orchestrated his denunciation is quite suspicious time wise considering his plans for the alliance.

Nothing more, nothing less!

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The objective of Nissan being achieved (Ghosn ousted) I bet that now everything will be played down to avoid Nissan - and the alliance - being on the bad PR spotlight for blatant bad governance. France and Japan governments will do their jobs to minimise Ghosn's charges, maybe offer a multi-million dollars deal to close the matter and release him on the condition he shuts up.

Or all the cans of worms will be open. And this will be a bloody battle.

For the little I know Ghosn big ego I make a 60:40 on the 2nd option except if the deal is really huge.

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These 3 must be joking. After the big betrayal, they want to hashed out ???.More lost of time ???. Please stop this kabuki or drama or whatever u want to call it. these 3 companies esp Nissan showed the world, what level cars makers are at. A big shame to those car makers who really worked hard like Toyota , Suzuki Honda and others. U , 3 companies really knows the word shame ???.

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