Sushi line are displayed at a market in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Photo: REUTERS file

Japan's August consumer prices fall at fastest pace in four years

By Kaori Kaneko

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I can't say I ever notice when they say consumer prices have fallen. But when they go up, I always notice it, bigly.

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Has the author been to a supermarket lately?

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Thanks to the god damn tax hike a lot, Abe.

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Has the author been to a supermarket lately?

She is writing what she was told to.

It is what journalism these days has reduced to.

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Hello deflation my old friend. With a plummeting population and an avalanche of new retirees living on a paltry pension this will undoubtedly continue.

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So basically because hotel prices have dropped since people are not travelling they claim that overall consumer prices are falling? As others have said, go to any supermarket or shop and you will find no drop in prices, if anything they are up thanks to the crazy weather, but they don't take into effect fresh food prices. This seems to be a way to justify rising prices when in fact it is not necessary.

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Gyunyu raised 11.1% for some bottles (see other JT article).

Everyone knows you daily or so go to hotel for accomodation to spend hard won yens...

Out of touch journalism, which is called propaganda in my country.

How about the price of that diamond ring there, it fell some 5 %. So nice !

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Fresh vegetables and fruit are really high in Japan -frozen imports a lot cheaper though...

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