Japan's U.S. LPG imports to hit record in 2017, topping Middle East


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Russia never used oil supply as a political weapon

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Friday a Russian move to create border zones near his country’s frontier looked like a political attack and that Moscow had threatened to halve oil supplies to Minsk.

Lukashenko complained that Moscow had also threatened to cut oil exports to Belarus by half to 12 million tonnes a year and said Russia was overcharging for its gas.

The long-term allies have long been at odds over how much Minsk should be paying Russia’s Gazprom for gas supplies following a slump in global energy prices.

In a move interpreted as an attempt by Russia to put pressure on Minsk, Russian oil pipeline monopoly Transneft began pumping less oil to Belarus in July last year.

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I pay very close to 3000¥ for my 5kg unit of LPG. Consider a ton at 200x5kg units and we get to a staggering 600000¥ for 1 ton of gas at retail. Compare that with 5-600$ and you can guess why JP feels like a superpower.

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Certainly better than giving money to countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia!

Russia never used oil supply as a political weapon, US has.

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Certainly better than giving money to countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia!

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Good, maybe now with a little competition, the price can come down and we won't be charged as much for either propane or anything else involved with it! But I won't hold my breath, these prices hardly ever get passed onto the customer!

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