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Japan's factory output rises; jobless rate falls to 2.3%

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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Good news, just before the election and in one week Japanese people will forget the falsified data scandal that nobody was arrested for.

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2.3 percent unemployment rate, truly stunning! Well done PM Abe, Vice PM Aso and the Cabinet. With the Ollympics just around the corner, expect the unemployment rate to keep heading towards Zero.

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Just last week it was the opposite in the report

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Ganbare Japan; Though I appreciate your patriotism, did you every think that the decrease could be due to decrease in population which has required the government to employ from outside Japan? In addition, more and more are working beyond retirement as pensions can not cover cost of living, except if you are a government worker. And Abe san is going to raise consumption tax to 10%??? Can only hope that small businesses will be able to survive. As for the Olympics, I believe the government are recruiting 80,000 volunteers, not hiring employees. And if the Olympics will help the unemployment rate as you say, what happens after?

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The jobless statistics are false. They are only based on the amount of people actively looking for work. They do not include the parasites living off their parents at home or those locked into the full time carer of ailing parents scenario. More false government sanctioned statistics on the eve of local elections.

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Half the American rate!

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Analysts have also warned that U.S.-led trade wars could be a major risk factor ...

"Could be" but are not. A Berkeley study found the effect on global GDP by the US demands for a level playing is around 0.04%

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And the percentage of statisticians that can correctly produce this data and analysis: 0.0%

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How are nations?

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Of course the unemployment rate is so low. There must be getting on for a million ‘guardmen’ In Japan.

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Japan's whole economy is based on 'labor hoarding' & over-staffing. 'Create' jobs that are superfluous, pay workers peanuts and you'll get a super-low unemployment rate, probably less crime & delinquency (ppl are busy doing nothing), more social cohesion perhaps etc. Productivity? nah, not important, rather hire 2 ppl for one job, 2 x 200,000 yen/m i/o 400,000. Also gives the illusion of good customer service, professionalism etc.

The system has its merits, I guess, especially if you're not one the millions of workers on low wages, precarious contracts etc.

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The lapse prompted a broader investigation of Japan's 56 key economic statistics, which revealed that 40% of them contain errors. A group of specialists will examine all of the government's 233 data series.

are these numbers from the 40% that contain errors ?

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@ goldorak My friend works at a local Japanese run company, they tell me of various Japanese guys quote, "they are always their" as they say they don't seem to do a great deal they have turned up for a shift and these guys are asleep some where, although it looks good as it gives the view that they are their working, but its the complete opposite, they would not be working for me that's is so sure as its costing me money for then to sleep on the job! although its seen as ok to sleep on the job in Japan culture. so I can see where your coming from being over stacked with workers doing nothing.

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Who believes J govt statistics anymore...particularly in a run up to election ?.... just wait for the inevitable " correction " of this data in a few months time..( preferably after the vote) its like pure magic. Voila sheeple.

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Who believes J govt statistics anymore...

People start saying this when the statistics start undermining their personal worldviews. When the opposite occurs, such people say, "Aha, I told you so."

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People start saying this when the statistics start undermining their personal worldviews. When the opposite occurs, such people say, "Aha, I told you so."

Well said, Jeff-san, Well Said!! Nice to read a logical voice in the wilderness, who knows the economy is doing real good.

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Who believes J govt statistics anymore...

People start saying this when the statistics start undermining their personal worldviews. "

Nah....they start saying it when the govt fudges / cooks / the numbers in so many instances as J govt does. But no drama , anyone is free to believe that what govt feeds them is the truth. Ignorance is bliss.

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