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Japan's jobless rate rises to 2.5% in Nov; jobs availability grows

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Are these high paying jobs? What weird government propaganda

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It will get worse after the 10% GST hike next September

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Just the photo makes me prefer to live in a box! Is it really worth the effort?

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jobs availability grew to 1.63 jobs per applicant

Simply Amazing! There has never been a better time to be looking for a job. Job seekers are spoiled for choice. Thank you Abe Cabinet, Thank-You!! And thank you to all assembly line workers for contributing to Japan's boom.

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Things are so good that we have neither wage push inflation nor demand led inflation....,!

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The reason for Japan's want for workers is its so horribly wrong workplaces. It's lack of spare time to have a family. If you are from a family line that's blessed you are on easy street no matter your mental agility. If not we'll your condemned to working 3 jobs just to buy some cup noodles. No matter how smart you are, enjoy those cup noodles it's the best you are going to get working in Japan.

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The reason for Japans jobless rate rise is that there is now in Japan a generation of lazy, good for nothing, people who just want an easy life.

Jobless rate went from 2.4% to 2.5%. Hardly anything. Lowest in the world. All Nations with higher unemployment rates are the lazy ones, if you want to call them lazy. Some OECD nations have youth unemployment over 10%, like UK with 12%, France 22.3%, Italy 34.8 %, Spain 38.7%. They are real lazy compared to Japan youth unemployment of 4.7%. data.oecd.org/unemp/youth-unemployment-rate.htm

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Having to be employed at a company or having a choice is completely different. Some people shine without being an employee. How can you shine with no sunshine.

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Ever thought about the possibility that they take these jobs not because they love them (what a surprise! As if the studied at universitie to end up like this!), but because circumstances gave them no other choice, even if it's of temporary nature!? But yeah, continue loving in your golden cage.

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My point, these jobs are what you can get, not what you want. And you do shine when you get a job you want. Not so much when it's drudgery.

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@Ganbare Japan!

Where have you read the unemployment rate in France is 22.3% ?

Check your figures before posting. It is just above 9% now

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Let's hope the shortage will pressure employers to give wage rises in line with their record-high earnings growth.

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Fresh IT graduate here with no experience with basic Japanese

I wonder if I can get a job in Japan?

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I’ve never met anyone in IT without a decent command of Japanese here....

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