Japan's nuclear reboot gathers pace; set to curtail LNG demand

By Osamu Tsukimori and Aaron Sheldrick

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Carl, you may be right, but you forget how the Japanese cartels operate. When some sort of negative thing happens, they'll quickly raise prices, passing the price along to the consumer and shrugging with a snide "shoganai."

When said crisis passes, or economic conditions change so that the negative is now a positive for Japanese consumers, the cartels.... do nothing. They'll collect the heftier profits, grinning all the way to the bank.

Remember a few years ago, when gas prices were much higher than they are now? Many companies raised prices because of the 'unavoidable' increase due to transportation costs. When fuel prices went down, did the companies lower their prices? Of course not.

So no, the supposedly lower production costs will not be passed along to consumers. What reason to the electricity cartels in Japan have to do so?

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See the facts, how much Fukushima is costing to clean all that radioactive garbage, and LNG costs double price of USA just to be transported by ship here in Japan. Why not Russia Siberia? It's 1/10 of distance from USA. And Northern Territories will be a much easier table talk for Japan's future.

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As the prices from nuclear plant are lower than LNG

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Better to start up those NPPs only who came through the stress tests but spreading your energy sources is of course a good thing.

Utility prices are low compared to some EU nations as a single household just have to spend ¥10000 [ ¥8000 budget] a month [june 2017].

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Is there some profit to start paying for dismantling the surplus plants?

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“Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” They are Just replacing one evil with another to save money. Gawd forbid they should actually show some initiative and invest in alternative energies. That would make too much sense.

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Ganbare Japan, what makes you think they will reduce electricity prices?

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Mych confidence, yet forgetting the faulty reactors and recent catastrophic events..

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If you are one of those people who believe climate change threatens the very existence of mankind, bringing online more nuclear power must be a dream come true.

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Really great news. Electricity prices will definitely come down now, and Japan doesn't have to rely on foreign nations for all its energy.

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