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Japan's slowing inflation leaves BOJ fighting tough price battle

By Leika Kihara

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Sounds good to me, it's like economists only live in a bubble where inflation is good and people are rational actors and don't realize how price increases effect normal people.

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The BOJ has been fighting a losing battle for years now-if only they were judged on their ability to produce positive results....,

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My pay is not under going inflation! I keep getting less and less for my yen. Do not even talk to me about my Tokyo Electric bill!

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They could shirk responsibility by claiming it was given false data by the ministry, year on year. Or they could claim simple ineptitude and admit they have absolutely no interest or idea how to improve the lives of tax payers. Could be they are following a template provided by the government that be. The governor through the press has admitted under his tenure nothing has improved and not likely to. He is just following policy dictates that he personally does not believe in. So expect things to nose dive further with no policy change and no benifit to the citizens of Japan.

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I suppose it depends on what they measure inflation by. Most people feel that inflation is high while wages remain low.

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I hope the BOJ continues to fail to achieve the 2% inflation goal. The geniuses who came up with that obviously don't have to worry about making ends meet.

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I want everybody to stop for a second, and take a moment to slowly re-read the first paragraph of this article. Try to let it sink it for a moment. The BOJ is AFRAID of low prices, so they will work towards HIGH prices. Take a moment to appreciate this sentence.

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iloveCoffee, it's even worse than you might think. The BOJ (and their sycophants who write these articles) are even bemoaning low energy (gasoline) prices, the opposite of which is a pure loss for everyone. They really want to create inflation even if it impoverishes the people whom they supposedly serve.

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I recently increased my life expectancy by expecting to live longer than I previously did. Can I get a job at the BOJ?

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Every time a company reduces the quantity/size or quality of their products, that’s inflation. And it’s happening a lot.

Pretty soon a Giant Cone is gonna be the size of your thumb.

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Never understood why prices going was a good thing, especially in most modern economies where wages have been lucky to stay equal with price increases anyway.

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