Japan's top two banks report double-digit full-year profit declines

By Junko Fujita

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And yet, ladies and gents, abe and his equally clueless ilk are still clamouring to raise taxes. In a failing economy. SMDH!!!

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Troublesome times with banking.

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They need to get with the times.

Japanese banks offer you nothing on your money.

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I predict Japanese banks will continue to lose money until they come out of the dark ages and offer services to their customers. Compared to foreign banks Japanese banks operate in primitive ways with stupid policies. For example many banks have a 108 Yen charge if you use a teller machine on Sunday...

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".....Japan may already be in recession due to the impact of a U.S. - China trade war...."

Welcome to the Trump economy.

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“....Japan may already be in recession due to the impact of a U.S.-China trade war and weak external demand.”

Always someone else’s fault.

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Yeah, always somebody else fault. With ultra low salaries due to a large proportion of the working part time or as temp staff how does anyone expect savings to increase when the money is not there.

The writer deliberately failed to write that courtesy of the gov't banks have enjoyed profits without paying interest on customer savings.

Imagine you are provided with money at no cost that you lend out and rake a profit yet they have the audacity to whine and put the blame on others rather than their incompetence

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I really disliked japanese banks. I always had a bad vibe about going into them and putting my money in there. Especially that mizuho and mfug. I felt better after I opened an account with a foreign international bank.

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It's going to get worse. FX Rate strengthening, looming Tax hikes ... a double whammy for the general Populace. Oh, and any thoughts of issuing discount voucher-sweeteners are potentially illegal.

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I have zero sympathy for banks.

They use outdated tech and don't do anything.

The BOJ monetary easing strategy was baffling. So much so that investing in BitCoin would have been better.

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But,... if you look at the UK, once a leader in Banking, we now see a move to charging for ATM access.

Here in Japan, when someone tries to use their Cashless pay-system via their iPhone/etc, it generally results in an extended wait in the queue behind them. The Technology is not ready yet, so PLEASE just use a Credit Card and get your AirMiles points or whatever. YOU ARE NOT COOL... YOU ARE JUST A NUISANCE !

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