Japan's export credit agency to lend $2 bil to Nissan for U.S. sales financing


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Japan gave them $1bn this September, now it's $2bn.

To pipe public money to private companies cannot be good.

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What a waste of taxpayers money, do they need it to pay off people?

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Nissan is a discriminatory company, so why would anyone buy products from a company that treats its workers differently, according to nationality?

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as they rebound from a demand slump triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The slump is blamed on covid, but we all know that is B.S. as nissan fell into a slump when they started the Ghosen scandal, that was what tarnished the brand beyond redemption and nissan will never make it back.

But please tell me more about this Japan export credit agency , might hit them up for a couple of mill myself.

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This is a company that has lost its way. They need to carve up market share with every sale they make. After all it's one big fire sale from now on...

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A market distorting state subsidy, that will ultimately cost US car manufacturing jobs, it is outrageous and blatant.

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Not only that, it is a communist decision like in the heydays of the USSR, Ddr and communist China of today.

it is despicable, scandelous and a breach of fair competition rules as was the money JAL received when it went bankrupt.

It is a farce and spits in the eyes of taxpaying profitable companies like mine

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to help it finance car sales in the United States

This just doesn’t make sense to me. I thought the purpose of selling a product was to make money. Why do they have to borrow money to sell them?

2 billion dollars is a lot of Nissan Marches.

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@Do the hustle

It is easy to understand. the 2 billion JPY is so Nissan can dump cars, offer 0% financing with no money down, and try to claw back lost market share with freebies to customers who are buying other brands as if they were hotcakes.

They call it a loan but it will never get paid back, it will disappear into the back hole of the bureaucracy. If you are in Japan, you are doing your civic [no pun intended] duty Nissan dump cars in the U.S.

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Do any of you angry people above actually understand what a Credit Agreement is... And how it is used?

Because it sounds an awful lot like you don't. It is not money for Nissan to spend and pay back later.

Try to understand something before reaching for the pitchforks.

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Privately keeping the profits, Publicly socializing the losses.

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Nissan is private business.We live in market economy system.

Nissan have bad sales thanks to "attractive" car line up.

Why to sponsor dying horse by tax payers money?Why to sponsor dead brand by my money???

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Government is behaving very badly once more and encouraging more bad behaviour from poorly performing and managed large corporations who have swindled trillions over the years !

Nissan , JAL and a few other large greedy corporations should be left to crash and burn, let market forces take care of the rot instead of bailing them out so the top few can steal and swindle more !

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Just for the sake of conversation, may I mention that according to Consumer Reports magazine, the pre-eminent rater of all things consumer over here, the entry level Toyota cars are much better than the entry level Nissan cars.

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Why ???.

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