Japan's exports fall for 9th straight month

By Daniel Leussink

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The latest data comes a day before BOJ policymakers on Thursday decide whether to expand an already massive stimulus program to shield the economy from a possible downturn and protect its growth drivers.

My yet to be born great-great-grandchildren do not thank you Mr. Abe!

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Japan's exports fall for 9th straight month

What a great time to raise the sales tax, thanks Shinzo.

And I'm prediciting Japan's household spending falls .

Exports fall. Household spending falls. Recession..

Good times everyone.

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Japan depends on export. It is time to stop fighting Asian partners and start selling to accurate buyers.

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The longest serving PM Abe missed the longest goal of Japan. Without good relationships with neighbors, nothing is good.

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FX rate

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And yet, the useless dunderhead is still PM.

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And yet, the useless dunderhead is still PM.

Incredible, isn't it?

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Wait ‘TIL next month-More gloom and doom coming soon...

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What does Red China produce that the United States cannot import from our ally, Japan?

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