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Japan's exports post first annual gain in two years in December

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Japan's exports rose for the first time in two years in December, driven by shipments to China, government data showed, offering a glimmer of hope for policymakers counting on an export-led recovery amid a resurgence of the coronavirus.

If it was not for China, Japanese exporters would have die long ago. Every year, China subsidized a trade deficit with Japan, so the CCP can keep pro-China LDP cronies in power.


With pro-US Taro Kono coming into power, the honeymoon with China may soon end.


Exports to Asia, which accounts for more than half of Japanese shipments, advanced 6.1%, while shipments to the European Union decline 1.6%.

Aside China, Vietnam also subsidized their own deficit with Japan for the same reason as China does.

This is why now Japan prioritizes Vietnamese workers and emigrants to Japan. Of course, Japan recently signed an agreement with Vietnam on the transfer of technologies.


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What "honeymoon with China"? Are you crazy? Nobody likes that government.

The reality is that China is where the action is now economically. Japanese business people know this, which is reflected in China being Japan's number 1 trading partner. Kono can hitch his wagon to the US... his judgement is always terrible. But sorry, business is business and 4 years of Trump have done a lot of damage.

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