Japan's jobless rate remains at 2.4% in Oct amid labor crunch


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Economists pointed out the average income will unlikely grow as the pace of the rise in the number of regular workers, who typically earn stable incomes, has been much slower than that of part-timers and other nonregular employees.


"despite the favorable employment conditions, consumer spending is not expected to expand,"

How are employment conditions favorable when they have clearly pointed out that regular employment is on the decline. Most jobs are part time and non regular workers. Meaning, companies are not willing to fully employ people.

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Great figures.  What is needed is a relaxation in Japan's punitive employment laws in order to encourage more regular employment and less of the outside the law kind.

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cry cry cry, same ol story in any country. I bet if the wages were raised to commensurate with the jobs there would be no unemployment or these kind of stories. Perhaps if the corporate execs gave up their overpaid salaries and perks, then companies could afford to pay employees higher wages and stay ahead of the taxes. This would definitely spread the wealth and help the economy overall. Why keep the bundle of wealth among such a few corporate boards, and overpaid execs.

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Yeah 2.4%, easy to reach when you count the ones that work a couple of hours a week.....

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Economists pointed out the average income will unlikely grow as the pace of the rise in the number of regular workers

That's not even a valid argument because the average income of regular workers are relatively low if the very high cost of living here is taken into consideration.

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In other words,Japan is not making stable jobs for the Japanese any more...

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Seems like all the dots at there, but people can't seem to connect them to find the solution!

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Great figures. What is needed is a relaxation in Japan's punitive employment laws in order to encourage more regular employment and less of the outside the law kind.

Great figures? Hardly, never included in the "unemployment" numbers are those who are not looking for work, there is even a nickname for them, the "N.E.E.T." class here (Not Employed, Education, or Training)

The number of people in work hit a fresh record at 67.87 million in the reporting month, ......

> In October, the number of regular employees increased 40,000 to 35.26 million, .......

Look at those numbers as well, "regular" employees is not all full time employees either, so roughly HALF the workforce being reported are people who work anywhere from ONE HOUR a week and up!

These numbers are at best suspect! No other G-8 country UNDER-reports unemployment like Japan!

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Abnocious statistics, 60% of workers are part time being taxed to support a bizarre system that benifits a cluster of families. There has been no pay rises for 30 years just tax rises.and they still want more while giving guess is an Urge just doesn't work.

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Jp peeple are scared of not being employed b/c of its education.

They can't quit their jobs though the conditions are decent.

Welcome to controlled society.

Jobless rate?

It's not even trustworthy.

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Low unemployment means nothing when you have 60% of the workforce on short-term of part time contracts for very low salaries bordering on the poverty line or below. It will be interesting to compare these figures at this time next year when the hundreds of thousands of people employed in the Olympics are all unemployed.

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It's not funny at all, more than half of the working population is under the threat of being fired. Plus as an added bonus getting the tax taken from what little they earn. But the minister of finances has his version "one cup noddles" and my favourite he said "old people should die" and he is 80 odd years old. But up the tax pay off nothing just concrete a river. Who cares certainly not voters.

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The problem that the jobs going begging pay hourly wages, and those that provide the prospect of stability and social mobility are limited to a small group of students from elite universities; second-tier companies hire from second-tier schools, and so on, with the majority left fighting over a smaller and smaller slice of the pie. If you want more people in employment, pay them enough make it worth their while, give them enough hours of work, and treat them with respect by paying an occassional loyalty bonus instead of putting them on zero-hour contracts.

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Don't trust (or believe) those numbers.

Others said it already: how about those temp workers?

How about those who didn't even register as being unemployed?

That unemployment rate number should be considered higher!

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So I guess that housewives are considered to be a workforce right ?

If not the jobless rate should be much higher...

Is that normal ? I honestly don't know how it works in my own country but I don't see how housewife could be considered as a job (for the government I mean, since no ones getting paid)

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I wonder what the actual real % is?

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I wonder what the actual real % is?

Probably over twice that.

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When Japan finally and completely ends lifetime employment and company's loyalty, many Japanese people will be in the world of pain.

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The actual % of unemployed is much higher due to the way in which numbers are deemed countable.

Whats troubling is the apathy towards work that the young have. I suspect it's the fault of the likes of Uber, and other Gig-Economy predators that have furthered this situation upon Today's Society.

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I wonder what the actual real % is?

I imagine it's extremely low, as in 2 to 3 percent. i have lived in high-unemployment places, like Britain in the early 80s, and they were nothing like Japan is today.

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