Japan's retail sales fall for third straight month

By Yoshifumi Takemoto and Daniel Leussink

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People don’t have money to go out nor do they want to even if they could.

But the Japanese stocks are up, let’s go and eat steak!

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Many/most people are spending less because they've got LESS TO SPEND! And that's because of the Covid fear-propaganda campaign that is ongoing.

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I bet spending on pants is down.

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Bricks and mortar only establishments are clearly in dire trouble, haemorrhaging money like there’s no tomorrow and fated to go the way of the dodo. Online retailers, including secondhand goods sites such as ヤフオク, Mercari, and PayPayフリマーケット, with their minimal overheads, are giving them an absolute hiding. When just about anything you care to name can easily be bought more cheaply online, there’s hardly any point to visiting stores; save perhaps if you absolutely have to have it right now, or if you need to check for size or other details, prior to purchasing online.

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