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Japan's August consumer inflation eases to two-year low

By Leika Kihara

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Excellent; with workers and families about to be hammered by another consumption tax increase, the last thing we need is further increases in the prices of all the stuff we buy. Get that 0.5% down to zero!

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They wanted to get the cycle of spending going, higher wages, higher prices, etc., and get out of the deflationary rut, but they have been saying this:

growing challenges in achieving its elusive 2% price target.

for years now. We see the same public works projects, tear up the road, silly crap they been doing now for years and years.

probablly never will get out of deflation

too many oldies

Yeah it will be interesting what this 10% tax does, but it does not apply to everything

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Years of heavy money printing have failed to prop up prices

I doubt the dude that wrote this article has ever been to a supermarket. Since Abe took over prices of almost all items have increased, some about 40%. Even tolls increased remarkably.

Before the price of gasoline at times would hover between 100 to 110 yen per litre. With Abe at the helm it has never dropped below 130yen/litre.

Everybody took advantage of Abe and kuroda's obsession with inflation and increased prices and was even topped up with a tax reduction. It baffles me, how they intend to achieve the 2% inflation with salaries stagnated.

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What drlucifer said...

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If you want more inflation then put money in peoples pockets. Supply vs demand !

don't be surprised if deflation arises in near future especially raising sales taxes that will discourage purchases.

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We are in the digital age and Japan Gov is still using the honor system in the retail sector. Inefficient and wasteful...

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