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Japan Inc sees better opportunities beyond China's 'Belt and Road'

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Japan has already been a developed country for as least 50 years, which implies human in Japan have been above the average in many ways for a long time. But the project of Belt and Road is not desingned for the people above the average, it's for those below the average, those who still need a road to wherever they intend to go. Imagine, those who even need such a boring thing as a plain road, infrastructures, while others are clinging to their electronic future. Thus, it is a story of those who were neglected, rather than a story of reaching the edge of homo sapiens. Might be a boring story for some though, but a wish for the other.

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See better opportunities beyond?

Or, the new road stops short of reaching Japan, so we'll have to do something else.

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Countries and companies get richer and richer and eventually they wind up with more money than they know what to do with. Then they start getting whacky ideas. You know the exceptions? Boring companies. Boring countries. Switzerland. Toyota. Subaru. Finland.

So what is China doing? Well certain people think there is nothing wrong with China's economy at all, but we know better. And we know because China has NOTHING BETTER TO DO than throw money at a historical idea that outlived its usefulness in the time of steamships. I mean WHY? Because their economy is headed into the tip. Say good bye to your money China.

I remember when Japanese companies had so much money they thought the best thing to do with it was to buy golf courses and movie studios. Wow. Exciting. Fun. What an "out of the box" idea! And a couple of years later, Japan's economy is on the ropes.

Same with China. Just wait. There is a reason no Americans drive Route 66 anymore, and there is a reason the silk road has become a deserted..... desert. Apparently people need to learn this once every 20 years or so.

What fools these mortals be.

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5SpeedRacer5, you are right it’s not about how much money you have but how wisely you spend it. As you said Japan failed because Japanese companies bought “golf courses and movie studios,” but Chinese bought more than that. They bought high tech and energy companies where the future lies. You should look at the underlined motives why China helps build rail roads and infrastructures for the poor countries even though some of those countries may not be able to pay back or may take a long time to pay. China builds ghost cities and the West calls it crazy! China does not just build physical structures but they build “connectivity” and “soft power”. Soon, China will be the centre of the world where you can see all roads, rails, ships, and planes all link to China. Not only that Chinese all over the world will be proud of China and they will have connection and relationship. This is what they call long-term planning. China is now the world largest trading nation and not very long it will be the world largest economy in real term. So, when it is that big, the others will not let it to fail.

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