July retail sales gain might be too little to spur third-quarter growth

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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I would say, unrealistic target!

With no salary growth and increased prices it is impossible to have any ‘gain’ in retail sales.

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Why all "doom and gloom"? Things are ticking along nicely where we are, and with Olympics just around the corner the boost will get even bigger. Electrical shops, home wares shops, department store and supermarkets are always busy here in Kawasaki.

Abenomics, jobs boom, pay rises and quantitative easing are all having a tangible effect.

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I wonder how much of those Retail Sales increase were from foreign tourists mainly Chinese on shopping tours

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The biggest driving force behind sales these past 9 months is due to the governments “threat” of an imminent sales tax increase. They have yet to announce whether the tax will be implemented on schedule which has cause people to make those big purchases (including house renovations) now rather than next year. Mark my words, the moment the tax goes up, Japan will fall into a recession if it doesn’t tank pre-increase.

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