Japan auto lobby dismayed Trump says some imports security threat


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All "connected" vehicles are a security risk, everywhere.

Japan shouldn't take this personally. The problem is that US Security people are constantly looking for different attacks, AND they find them.

US designed, manufactured vehicles have similar issues and have been hacked just as much.

Then there are normal people who buy vehicles demanding more connectivity with security considerations probably around 200 in the priority list, after "nice rims." Until there is a govt mandated list of connectivity and data sent off-vehicle, and the purpose of the data, customers will always wonder how much their privacy is being violated and whether their steering inputs really matter at all.

I suspect Tesla is the worst for security this year, but there isn't any way to really know. and

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70 plus years later and they still don't get it. america has no friends. Only opportunities.

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Japan must understand that trump is a big bully. Look , how he treats the world. Trade is very personal, it involves the lives of the people of that country. Taxing imported products to get what they want as if they are the lord of the world or white supremacy is bullying. That is very unfair. the world should rid trump of his unfair actions. America is no more a world of opportunities, just look carefully even New York is no more interesting.Just take a taxi ride and one will understand everything in America, even the americans are unhappy.

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Having some of your nation's products called a national security threat is no big deal when it's coming from a global security threat.

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Japan needs to regain its sovereignty and find other trading partners. Tell the US to remove their bases and foster relations with other nations, the US is a liability to Japanese interests and economy.

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