Japan convenience store sales rise in January for 3rd straight month


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Just waiting for the 7/11's to open up down here! Rumor has it that on July 11th, the first one will be opening up here in Okinawa!

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@Yubaru How have you guys been able to survive without 7 Elevens all this time?

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I think there's a SPAR shop in Okinawa!

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Whilst we are seeing Convenience Store (Group?) sales rise, (macro) we are also seeing consolidation into fewer Companies, Convenience Stores are competing with the likes of Aeon - which has a plethora of small stores, but unlike Aeon, the Convenience store network is Franchise based.... It would be interesting to see comparative data between the major players to properly assess the situation. Here in Central Tokyo - Aeon, I know, readily, closes stores that it sees as not profitable, whereas the surrounding convenience stores still seem to be hanging on - but how so ? Just making enough to survive on for the Franchise holder ? (I don't see many wealthy ones), so only the Group benefits in that case.

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