Japan household spending falls more than expected in December


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After all those winter bonuses, spending is done?


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Inflating budget is not even working anymore.

Soon to become bust with world event like virus spread.

Give people wages for their work, not profits for company to get plants in China.

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consumers are having a hard time coping with a sales tax hike

I would love to know who the "experts" are that keep blaming the tax hike. It was only 2%. The bigger issue is the rate of wage increases and these "experts" are trying to draw attention from that. Economics 101. Rising inflation combined with falling wages or wage increases that can't keep up with inflation will create a situation where spending shrinks. Until these companies finally stop trying to find scapegoats other than themselves, this situation will only get worst.

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The sooner the Japanese realise that they are not here to make profits for their corporate masters and stockholders,but they are here to live a fruitful life and to have a quality existence to boot.....not just to 'gaman' it,the better.

However,due to their rote-education-style system that isn't going to happen soon.

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Just raise the common Joe's salary here in japan... and these country will thrive again!

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