Japan manufacturing shrinks for first time since 2016 amid trade war


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Time for certain Japanese companies (you know who you are) to stop secretly making their products in China, finishing them in Japan and then claiming they’re “Made In Japan.”

The trade war with China should be helping Japan, not harming it.

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Wouldn't exist at all if Japan hadn't single-handedly blocked the original TPP from becoming a reality. They delayed it long enough for Trump to come in, the US to back out, and the deal to fall apart. Then of course Trump's tarrifs. Doesn't matter anyway, since Abe bends down to lick Trump's boots whenever Trump tells him to, as he will here.

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First time since 2016? ...... hang on that's only 3 years! or 36 months! whats the big deal? that's nothing, just trying to make a news story I suppose

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Japan's economy will soon C R A S H ! No question in this writer's mind about that. And you don't need to be an economist to realize that ! Trump will continue to put America first and that particularly means US

auto manufacturers and jobs, THAT alone will affect the Japanese and European auto export markets !

No more gravy train rides for those countries who have long dumped their inferior autos onto US soil.

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No more gravy train rides for those countries who have long dumped their inferior autos onto US soil.

Those" inferior autos onto US soil" are made in USA by American workers.

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I bet Trump is really regretting nominating Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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@Joe Blow No, the main problem has been that Japan makes products in Japan, finishes them in China, and exports them so that they say "Made in China". Then that becomes part of the Chinese trade deficit with the US, and not part of Japan's. So China has to deal with it rather than Japan. It has been this way since Reagan fought with Nakasone over the trade deficit back then.

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